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We are announcing the last, spectacular concert of 53rd Musical Evenings in St. Donat, international summer festival of the finest classical music.

At Wednesday, August 14th beginning at 9pm, unavoidable Zadar Chamber Orchestra in collaboration with Slovenian Chamber choir and the greatest Croatian vocal virtuosos – Evelin Novak, Diana Haller, Ivan Turšić and Tomislav Lučić – will close this year’s Evenings with grandiose Grand Mass by brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, under the direction of renowned Zadar’s conductor Ivan Repušić. For that occasion, the Evenings have chosen ceremonial ambient of St. Anastasia Cathedral in Zadar. That is where will Mass in c minor (K. 427) gain full splendor and magnificence of powerful Mozart sacral music. The Mass, which mysteriously has no last movement (Agnus Dei), is embodiment of Mozart’s freedom of composing and personal satisfaction and joy because of a marriage of Constanza Weber. Pompous, certainly the most ceremonial Mozart’s mass, will be available to Zadar and its faithful musical audience in interesting performance of distinguished Croatian and Slovenian musicians.

The 53rd Musical Evenings in St. Donat invite you to embellish the last concert with your presence and reward good musicians with a donation!
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We are announcing the penultimate concert of 53rd Musical Evenings in St. Donat, over a half a century long international summer festival of classical music.

At Tuesday, August 13th beginning at 9pm, the old Zadar’s Rotonda will host prominent Slovenian chamber choir under the direction of renowned conductor Fernando Pablo Mejías. Slovenian chamber choir, founded in 1991, won numerous prestigious awards. It is a part of Slovenian Philharmonic since 1998. Besides vocal-instrumental music which it performs with Slovenian Philharmonic and other Slovenian and foreign orchestras, its main task is to promote a cappella singing. For penultimate evening of international summer festival in Zadar they decided to show to audience in Zadar the best side of the choir. For that occasion they have chosen rather various a cappella repertoire – from renaissance Palestrina and romantic giants Verdi, Grieg and Rachmaninov, to contemporary masters Sandstrőm and Duruflé, with interesting Slovenian composers such as Kogoj and Kimovec. Longtime Zadar’s host will most certainly thrill the musical audience even this year and give unforgettable experience in appropriate ambient of Church of St. Donat in Zadar.

Be a part of summer musical evenings in Zadar!
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We are announcing the next concert of the 53rd Musical Evenings in St. Donat, international summer festival of the finest classical music.

At Saturday, August 10th beginning at 9pm, the Church of St. Donat will echo with beautiful sounds of romantic musical giants, Johannes Brahms and Cesar Franck. Remarkable Russian virtuosos, pianist Natalija Rubinstein known as a founder of Brahms trio, and violist Andrej Gridčuk, also a member of Moscow soloists, will afford to Zadar’s audience top performance. For this occasion, brilliant musicians have chosen three sonatas by late romantic composers, rearranged for viola and piano, which were originally dedicated to virtuosos of Brahms time.
Let the music awake the deepest feelings and embellish one more summer night!
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