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July 30th, 2015

From July 16th 2015 you can buy tickets for Musical Evenings in St Donat on thus making faster and cheaper purchase (tickets bought on concert venues cost 10kn more).

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August 30th, 2015

“This is beyond the first league!” said one delighted listener of the last night’s concerto, and two virtuosos just closed the first part of the programme. “How will I ever listen to anything else?!” continued another one, while stunned audience tried to capture that elusive time creation with cameras, whose imaginative character prompted many aestheticians to claim that music is the most exalted of all the arts.

Last night, two prestigious world-known virtuosos, pianist Lovro Pogorelich and violinist Nikita Borisoglebsky, performed at University Ceremonial Hall in Zadar. Demanding and serious programme testified about the professionalism of these musicians, and perfection with which they performed Brahms’, Shostakovich’s and Prokofiev’s work pushed them beyond mere professionals. The duo presented outstanding abilities, respectable school and, above all, subtle feeling for musical flow. Friendship between those virtuosos enhanced intimate atmosphere of chamber concert.

In the first part of the concerto, they cuddled the audience with First sonata in G-major by J. Brahms, rather demanding, but easily performed work. Barhms’ energetic Scherzo from Sonata F.A.E. from composer’s young age continued, and its virtuosic character is confirmed by the fact that it is composed for the leading violin virtuoso in 19th century. A combination of artists at their maximum made that movement a mighty musical delight. In the second part of the concert, musicians performed Four preludes for violin and piano by D. Shostakovich arranged by D. Tsïganov. Thirty year old violinist presented his unsurpassed technique. First sonata in f-minor by S. Prokofiev completely blended the sound of those noble instruments. In order to finish the concert in brighter atmosphere, they concluded the evening with Salut d'Amour by SirE. Elgar.

This long awaited concert concluded the 55th Musical Evenings in St Donat, and an unforgettable season with thirteen concerts realized in less than a month raised the oldest music festival in Zadar one more step higher than last year’s season. We hope that the next season continues with similar musical elite and are already looking forward to the next summer.

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August 30th, 2015

This years’ season of the Musical Evenings in St Donat approaches the last concert on the programme. This is the thirteenth consecutive concert in just a month, but the quality of concertos did not fail to rise.

This successful season will be ending with a real treat – duo which includes two world-known artists, Croatian pianist Lovro POGORELIĆ and Russian violinist Nikita BORISOGLEBSKY. Those musicians have performed on many world stages; won multiply competitions and performed on multiply festivals with the biggest musicians. Five years ago, they started to build friendly and artistic relationship thus making their performances truly emotional. Mutual understanding is more than clear. In just seven years after the graduation, young Borisoglebsky reached the highest step in violin performance; his performances regularly attract interest of many Maecenas and art lovers. Pleasantly surprised with his talent, Lovro Pogorelić said: “His energy and wholeness never stop to surprise me, no matter how many times we play together.”

The excellent duo will be performing at University Ceremonial Hall in Zadar on Sunday, August 9th beginning at 9 p.m. They will present their quality with First sonata for violin and piano in G-major by J. Brahms composed after the death of composer’s nephew, violinist F. Schumann. Brahms’ Scherzo in c-minor, composed for one of the best violinist at that time J. Joachim,will be following the Sonata. Those brilliant sounds will be closing the first part of the concerto. Two Russian composers, D. Shostakovich and S. Prokofiev will continue in the second part with For Preludes, op. 34 and First sonata for violin and piano in f-minor.

In hands of those virtuosos, chamber music may have the biggest potential for transcendental experience. There will be a real musical spectacle on Sunday, and their performance can definitely be called cherry on top of this years’ season.

Hurry to the last concert of the 55th Musical Evenings in St Donat and breathe the most beautiful art with full lungs!


August 30th, 2015

Last night, Musical Evenings in St Donat welcomed one more brass quintet in the St Francis’ Cloister, this time five young musicians from Belgium assembled in Eburon Brass Quintet. Simon van Hoecke and Roeland Henkens played leading parts on trumpets, Pierre Buizer and Maarten Lowel filled harmonies with French horn and trombone, and Jean Xhonneux excelled on tube.

In three years, those musicians have reached outstanding success on European musical scene. They won several highest prizes and performed on important festivals throughout Europe. Their excellent arrangements are contributing the success. Last night, five brass instruments embodied wide range of sound, from the string quartet to large symphony orchestra. That was provided by carefully chosen programme, mutual listening and great feeling for sounds. In three years of existence, those musicians have gathered a real collection of public open arrangements.

 They performed works by A. Vivaldi, A. Reicha, V. Ewald, M. Marais, C. Saint-Saëns and G. Bizet. First trumpeter van Hoecke explained every piece and reason of its choosing, but the most detailed explanation was the analysis of Danse macabre by C. Saint-Saëns. Pleasant surprise was young tuba player J. Xhonneux, exceeding particularly in arrangement of Variations for bassoon and string quartet by A. Reciha. Speed, agility, dexterity and precision have left the crowd breathless, and the young virtuoso showed that each instrument has the same potential. For the end, they performed Suita from Bizet’s ballet L’Arlesienne. In moments, stunned audience mesmerized with extraordinary mimicry of Brass Quintet, even sought flute on stage.

This season of Musical Evenings in St Donat successfully realized twelve concertos and we are already expecting the last concerto with two world-known soloists – pianist L. Pogorelich and violinist N. Borisoglebsky.

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August 30th, 2015

The 55th Musical Evenings in St Donat approaches the penultimate concert. For that occasion, the oldest music festival in Zadar will be hosting brass quintet again. Less than month ago we were enjoying Croatian brass virtuosos in Marina Dalmacija. This time, five young Belgians assembled in Eburon Brass Quintet will be performing in St Francis’ Cloister.

On Tuesday, August 6th beginning at 9 p.m. Zadar will be enriched with music in performance of best Belgian brass players with multiply awards, acknowledgements and performances. Quintet contains trumpet players Simon Van Hoecke and Roeland Henkens, horn player Pierre Buizer, trombone player Maarten Lowel and tuba player Jean Xhonneux. Their biographies are swarming with honors and epithets such as "the best, the most virtuosic, and the most talented". Those young and successful musicians founded the quintet three years ago. Quintet was described by one of the best trumpeters in the world, Thierry Caens: “The many qualities of Eburon Quintet have captured the spirit of string chamber music in a brass ensemble setting. Their personality and refined originality to their music embodies the true meaning of brass playing.”

Brilliant musicians are winning audiences’ sympathies not just with their enviable abilities, but charismatic and dynamic performance and outstanding arrangements which by now form a real, public open collection. In Zadar, they decided to present a way to imitate orchestral sound and create a real rhapsody of sound. The best way for that are demanding compositions written by A . Vivaldi, A. Reicha, V. Ewald, M. Marais, C. Saint-Saëns and G. Bizet.

Positive ovations and critics showed that brass quintet is bingo to this years’ programme of Musical Evenings. We are looking forward to one more musical spectacle in performance of top brass players. Don’t miss this great opportunity!


August 30th, 2015

Last night, Portuguese musicians assembled in vocal ensemble Capella Duriensis performed in monumental Church of St Francis. It is the second concert of Renaissance music on this year’ Musical Evenings in St Donat and the faithful audience showed one more time true enjoyment in mystical chants and polyphonic richness of Renaissance musical creativity.

Portuguese musicians presented their diverse heritage with lovely chants in Processional Troper from Alcabaça, harmonically rich motets by P. de Gamboa, Missa de Beata Vrigine by F. de Magalhães and Lamentations by M. Cardoso and D. D. Melgás. Concert was opened with performance behind the scenes. Hidden choir was responding to soloists’ responsorial chants enhancing the mystical atmosphere. Motets by P. de Gamboa, less-known Portuguese polyphony master, pointed to the unjustly neglected composers who coincidentally remained trapped in the church archives. Lamentations of two before mentioned composers are somewhat closer to the Baroque spirit, but that Renaissance-Baroque vocal combination enhanced expressivity and sentimentality of the Holy Week.

Artistic Director of the Ensemble, Jonathan Ayerst, carefully organized selected programme, beginning with hymns to the Virgin, continuing with dark psalms and ending with Easter lamentations. Thus, he created gradual enhance of expressivity of the concert. Under his direction, completely focused singers gave their maximum, constantly striving for uniformity of voices. Polyphonic alteration of the parts allowed the singers to present their abilities, thus making the enjoyment even bigger.

In less than month, Musical Evenings in St Donat have realized eleven successful concerts and in the next four days we are still expecting the last two. Tommorow, Belgian brass ensemble, Eburon Brass Quintet, will be performing in St Francis’ Cloister.

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August 3rd, 2015

This years’ season of the Musical Evenings slowly approaches its end, but the last three concertos promise bright ending with top musicians and rich programme. After unusual Italian duo of alphorn and bayan, Musical Evenings are continuing with Portuguese renaissance.

On Tuesday, August 4th beginning at 9 p.m., Musical Evenings will be hosting Portuguese vocal ensemble Capella Duriensis in the St Francis’ Church. The society of music enthusiasts has developed from initial prima vista reading club to excellent vocal ensemble with the title of “ambassadors” of Portuguese sacral music. In just five years, they have recorded several CDs and a set of six albums; they have represented Portugal to European Broadcasting Union and performed on many festivals thus winning the sympathies of great number of composers.

Relatively young ensemble is directed by Jonathan AYERST from Great Britain, chorister, pianist, organist and composer. After successful career as pianist, he succeeded as organist and began to study choir singing, until finally settling with Capella Duriensis. At the same time, he is completing a master’s course in Psychology for Musicians at Sheffield University. Impressive musician leads an ensemble through unique path, blending and contrasting Renaissance a cappella music with medieval folksongs from Eastern and Western Europe, religious music of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the 20th and 21st century compositions.

The Secrets of Portuguese Renaissance is the title of concert on Tuesday. It indicates less-known renaissance pearls of Portuguese polyphony masters. Processional troper from Alcobaça contains sacral music by Tiago Morin with local flavor, and similar coloring can be found in F. de Magalhãe’s Missa de Beata Virgine. Along with them, one more composer on their programme presents top of Portuguese polyphony, Manuel Cardoso. Between hymns from Processional troper, we will be listening to two motets written by P. de Gamboa. D. D. Melgás’ Lamentações de Quinta-Feira Santa will be ending the concert.

Their repertoire is currently unique in the world, their interpretation guarantees meditative pleasure in early music permeated with Portuguese musical tradition and suitable area of the St Francis’ Church will certainly magnify the event even further.

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